Only the courageous choose to come for coaching. To look oneself in the mirror and say ,”I want to be a better version of myself” is brave.

It is confronting, challenging and yet, often not as daunting as one may imagine. But I still honour the people who say those words to me

I truly believe that we all need a coach. We only know how to think the way we know how to think. We all need someone who will challenge conditioning, beliefs that inform behaviors and people who help us to question our motivations.

I, myself, don’t hesitate any longer to call a coach when I encounter a mental challenge. I have learned that no matter the temporary pain of change, the other side of the shift is always worth it, always better.

Coaching is a process that enables you to shift beliefs and thinking, which in turn creates a different reality – the reality you kind of know is out there, but you don't know how to create …

Starting a coaching journey is such a lovely gift to self.

You will start to feel changes in your life almost immediately. It is a transformative, fun and wonderful journey.

What you can expect to get out of it, is a simpler, happier, more successful and more exciting life that you are in control of creating.

I support you to de-clutter mind and life!, to reduce anxiety and create clarity.

I am a Consciousness Coach, so our process is to create awareness and consciousness of your thoughts and actions and the impact they have on your life and others. By the time you finish you will have a “toolbox” that will support you in dealing with almost every eventuality in life. 

I coach people all over the world via Zoom, so geographic location is not an issue.

The first session is 90 minutes and thereafter, 1 hour.

You choose the frequency of the sessions. Some, a few people, come once a week, most come twice a month and a few come once a month, so it is entirely up to you. I encourage people to commit to 12 sessions, as I have 12 Tools that are given to you in the course of the process, but again this is up to you. It is entirely your agenda. We can discuss that when we meet.

What I would like to make clear before you start is that coaching is a PROCESS, not a quick fix. If you are expecting to come for one session and resolve whatever you are coming to discuss, then I am not the coach for you. I like to work with people who are committed to long term, sustainable personal transformation in their life.