Well is it? 

Do you feel as if you are in flow, that things happen easily? We would guess that most people say “No” to that question. Why? Well, as people, we get caught in repeating mainly unconscious, patterns; many programmed into us before we were even out of kindergarten. On our own, it is really difficult to change them. Do you hear,  or say, “Well, that's just who I am”. 

We are here to challenge that notion. 

What if you could actually learn to rewrite the prevailing story and other stories of your life?  What if it is all changeable? Imagine if you could release yourself from shame, fear, anxiety  in relationships, sex, finances - what if there was a real possibility of moving into a joyful, peaceful state…. and staying there!
We say “State” with intent. Because this is a way of living, not a short term intervention. It is entirely possible to completely change your life, your relationships with self and others, if you do the inner work necessary. We will guide you to the HOW.
Yvonne is an accomplished coach and works on the conscious patterns, bringing them to the surface to be really looked at, identified and changed. She  will provide weekly tools and insights that will make you question everything that isn’t working in your life, with practical and real , often simple solutions.
 Lior works at a profound and unconscious level , releasing patterns which keep you stuck. You will find yourself just gently letting go, bringing the most astonishing sense of personal freedom and peace. 
The combination of Conscious and Unconscious work together in one workshop is unique. There is a certain magic that happens when Lior and Yvonne get together. We would love you to experience it. 
We will “un-break”  you, we will “un-trap”  you; we will “un-burden” you in a crafted 6 week programme, run once a week for approximately 90 mins. (The timing is variable, as we wont interrupt important processes, so we invite you to be time-flexible so that we can really do the work) You will receive practical tools, a workbook to enable you to record your shifts, insights, notes and aha’s. All sessions are conducted on Zoom. We will support you through the entire process.

So who is this course for?

All of you who feel as if you have lost your shine, All of you who know at a deep level, that life SHOULD be easy and currently it isn’t, All of you who aren't in complete flow, All of you who want to change the blue-print of your life. It is for you if  you truly believe that you deserve internal greatness and your ideal life. 
We are sure that is you, because we believe in you.
The course starts on April 11 the 2023 and will run every Tuesday evening (CET) until May 16th.
The investment is R11,990;  €790; $840  (payable in two tranches on request, but must be paid in full before the commencement date.)  
Early-bird payment in full before March 10: R10,790; €710; $755. 
To book your participation in this life changing course, email You will then be sent the banking details.